Five Seconds of Summer sizzle on stage

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It may be autumn but the atmosphere was as hot as a January night when Aussie boy band Five Seconds of Summer stormed onto the stage to kick off their home tour in Sydney.


The band, made up of Callum Hood, 18, Luke Hemmings, 17, Michael Clifford, 18 and drummer Ashton Irwin 19, rocked their family, friends and thousands of frantic teenagers for the tour they’ve called There Is No Place Like Home.

And as Callum told the crowd at the Enmore Theatre on Wednesday, this is where it all started.

We’re just dudes from western Sydney.

The lads were ready to rock the minute they opened the show – on time – with 18 – age appropriate for the audience. Their energy, enthusiasm and edge didn’t subside at all.

5SOS (pronounced fivesoss) also proved why they’ve risen to stardom so quickly. They’re a talented bunch, all playing instruments and their songs are damn good.

The screams were deafening when they broke into their worldwide No.1 hit She Looks So Perfect.

They may be touted as the next One Direction, but there’s an Aussie rock edge that gives them that much more. They moved on a long way since their Justin Bieber cover.

There’s a certain Bon Jovi touch of rawness that puts them above the British boy band phenomenon, too.

Having just returned from the US where they completed their Stars, Stripes and Maple Syrup tour, it’s given the boys experience with live shows, plus as they said at least people here can understand us.

They also quipped to the crowd they had to put on a great Sydney show to prove to their parents why they left school.

Although with 2.6 million Twitter followers, their parents are probably aware their sons are doing OK.

With their good looks, tousled hair and wearing sleeveless rock T-shirts, the lads have come a long way from Norwest Christian College, where they all attended.

Aside from the rocky numbers, songs such as Amnesia, show the solo strengths of Callum and Luke.

Other songs too Heartache on the Big Screen, Disconnected and What I Like About You sent most of the teens into meltdown.


Tour dates

Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre, Friday, May 2

Melbourne, Palais Theatre, Saturday, May 3

Melbourne, Palais Theatre Sunday, May 4

Sydney, Enmore Theatre, Monday, May 5

Brisbane, The Tivoli, Wednesday, May 7

Perth, Riverside Theatre, Thursday, May 8, sold out

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