Group targeted in three Sydney shootings

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It’s clear something “nasty” is happening to prompt a series of targeted shootings in Sydney’s southern and western suburbs.


But NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch has moved to quell fears among residents, assuring them investigators are all over the attacks “like a rash”.

Three properties in Bexley North, Revesby and Brighton- Le-Sands were sprayed with bullets on Tuesday night within an hour and a half of each other.

Police believe the attacks are linked.

“If I was going to have a punt, I would put a couple of bucks on it being the same offenders responsible for the three,” Mr Murdoch said.

Mr Murdoch said the families, who live in the three targeted households, had a “common relationship”, but wouldn’t specify exactly what it was.

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out there is something nasty going on,” he said.

Some of the residents targeted are known to police and Mr Murdoch said they had provided scant details.

In Revesby, a family of five – an elderly couple, their son and his two children, were home when 13 shots were fired into the front of their house at 9pm Tuesday.

Just over an hour later, police believe at least three shots were fired into the front window of a house in Brighton-Le-Sands, about five kilometres from Revesby.

Five minutes later, bullets shattered windows on a parked car in nearby Bexley North.

No one was injured in the shootings.

“The community need to be very be confident … that we are very, very confident they are targeted,” Mr Murdoch said.

“The community in general has nothing to fear from what has happened overnight.”

Fotini Alexandridis was asleep in the Bexley North home when she heard what she thought were fire crackers.

“We didn’t actually know they were gunshots,” she told Network Ten.

“It is horrible. It’s obviously to scare us.”

Ms Alexandridis and police believe her brother Mario, who’s on bail facing charges for shooting at a house, may be the target.

“He was like `If they want me they can come and get me. They know where I am. They don’t need to scare my family’,” Ms Alexandridis said.

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