Tassie team nasty pasties in House Rules

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The team from Tassie have already cemented themselves as the nasty pasties in home renovation show House Rules.


For House Rules first timers, six teams renovate each other’s homes while the owners hand over their keys and return to score the work in a week, with their points combined with the judges’ assessments.

Five teams renovate a zone each and must follow house rules set by the owners, with the series’ winners having their mortgage wiped.

Let’s start with a few snap judgments made in season two’s first episode: people who wear bright polo shirts must have no eye for funky design, ditto for those aged in their 50s.

And attractive women in their late 20s who have snared a buff bloke must necessarily be highly strung.

The judgments begin as pathologist Candy and electrician Ryan hand over the keys to their western Sydney home.

Viewers learn later what was already running through their minds about Tasmania’s Grant and Brooke, who wore alarmingly similar bright polo T-shirt and black pant ensembles for the occasion.

“When I first laid eyes on Brooke and Grant I was a little bit concerned,” Ryan says.

“I hope they have similar tastes or they can identify with our tastes.”

In case you missed that, Candy spells it out: “They don’t show their creative side in the way they present themselves.”

Brooke and Grant tell us they are in House Rules to benefit their seven children and are willing to play dirty to win.

They instigate the first renovation crossfire, by erecting a wall that means Melburnians Adam and Lisa can’t install their linen closet doors.

“That’s your bit so I don’t care about that,” Grant tells a fuming Adam, who later assures us the Tasmanians will get their comeuppance.

After day one Brooke is convinced the glamorous Lisa must be a pain.

“Adam and Lisa, I think she is really high maintenance,” Brooke says giggling.

“Yeah she looks really high maintenance for sure,” Grant agrees.

Meanwhile, Candy and Ryan are worried Carole and Russell, the empty nesters in their 50s from Western Australia, won’t be hip enough to deliver a stylish renovation.

“I’m not sure about the older teams if they’re quite up there with their design skills,” Candy says.

Carole and Russell promise to be the biggest crack ups of the series.

“I would describe this relationship as cantankerous,” Carole explains.

Russell offers his insights as the pair inspect Candy and Ryan’s house for the first time.

“This is probably where they’d sit and watch all their TV, I’d say,” he offers, standing beside the television.

“Oh really, Russell?” Carole responds.

Host Johanna Griggs sounds like a school teacher as she addresses the teams and needs to warm up her delivery a little.

But the series is brilliantly cast and promises to offer plenty of fireworks, laughs and maybe a renovation idea or two.

House Rules airs on the Seven Network at 7.30pm (AEST) on Wednesday.


Here are their house rules:

– Style our home edgy and arty

– Deliver one-off pieces and graphic patterns

– Showcase the bath in the master suite

– Dish up citrus and concrete in our kitchen

– Give Candy crazy colour in a fun laundry


Maddi and Lloyd (soon to be married from Queensland) – living room, laundry, pantry

Brooke and Grant (parents from Tasmania) – master bedroom, ensuite bathroom, walk-in robe

Carole and Russell (empty nesters from Western Australia) – kitchen and dining area

Mel and Bomber (newly dating from South Australia) – main bathroom, guest bedroom

Adam and Lisa (engaged from Victoria) – study, entry, linen closet and family room

Candy and Ryan (couple from NSW) – away for the week as their home is renovated

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